An industrial Brooklyn enclave with an artsy allure


An industrial Brooklyn enclave with an artsy allure

DUMBO, an acronym for ‘Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,’ is a Brooklyn neighborhood tucked between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, situated neatly between Brooklyn Heights, Vinegar Hill and Downtown Brooklyn. 

For tourists, DUMBO is a popular destination as it boasts iconic views of the Manhattan Bridge over charming cobblestone streets. Passing through, you’ll fall in love with the red brick buildings and state-of-the-art waterfront parks, as well as the many cafés. Ten years ago, however, you probably wouldn’t recognize the neighborhood. Like many other NYC neighborhoods, DUMBO underwent a dramatic transition from abandoned 19th-century industrial warehouses and factories to a modern tech, art, and residential hub. 

DUMBO is home to many new high-rise developments and renovated lofts, with some boasting Manhattan and East River views. Many of these homes feature a modern industrial style now characteristic of the neighborhood’s charm.

What to love

  • Cobblestone streets
  • Historic buildings
  • Theater and visual arts hub
  • Abundant cafés and boutiques 
  • Iconic East River views
  • Waterfront Parks

People & Lifestyle

People in the Tech and Art industries have flocked to DUMBO in recent years. The neighborhood is now known as Brooklyn's tech hub and is located in the heart of the Brooklyn tech triangle. DUMBO also attracts many families, keen on setting up roots in the rapidly progressing neighborhood. With a thriving and inclusive art scene, full of brand new parks suitable for children and dogs, who can blame them? 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

DUMBO is home to some of NYC’s newest trendy and experimental restaurants, as well as some of Brooklyn's oldest and most revered establishments. Try Celestine for an upscale dining experience with panorama views of the East River and Manhattan Skyline, or Juliana’s, a pizza restaurant started by Patsi Grimaldi himself. Still hungry? Two of NYC’s most famous dessert spots, Almondine, a critically acclaimed bakery, and Jaques Torres, a world-renowned chocolate shop, can trace their origins back to DUMBO’s cobblestoned streets. 

Theater nerds will know that DUMBO is home to one of the best performing arts theaters in the city: St Ann’s Warehouse. In addition to staging avant-garde theater productions, the warehouse also features outdoor exhibition space for local artists. During the warmer months, you’ll often find concerts and performances under the DUMBO Archway. In terms of shopping, you’ll find a range of stores, from boutique stores like Front General and Vintage gems like Crowley Vintage. During the spring and summer seasons, you’ll find yourself walking through outdoor markets featuring local designers. 


Want to learn more about DUMBO? Check out Randy’s video below!


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