Greenwich Village

A timeless haven, known for its rich history, artistic ambiance, and diverse community, forming a tapestry of culture and charm within the heart of the city.

Welcome to Greenwich Village

Where artistic legacy meets urban creativity



Situated in Manhattan, Greenwich Village, affectionately referred to as 'The Village,' exudes an intimate European ambiance, characterized by its modest building heights, creating an ideal backdrop for leisurely Sunday strolls. Abundant courtyards and gardens grace the area, and its absence of towering structures offers an unparalleled sun-soaked experience, distinct from any other part of New York City. The true allure of Greenwich Village emanates from its local visionaries—entrepreneurs who foster a tapestry of charm through their distinct shops and restaurants. 

Step into Greenwich Village's core, Astor Place-a crossroads that encapsulates the neighborhood's spirit. Formerly recalled as "Art Street", the infamous, Vauxhall Gardens Resort, was located on this street. The name "Astor Place" derives from the distinguished Astor family, with ownership of the land resting in the hands of John Jacob Astor. Following his passing in 1848, the land underwent a renaming in his honor.

What We Love

  • Exquisite preserved 19th Century architecture 
  • Diverse cultural and artistic hub
  • Endless Boutique Shopping
  • Diverse Dining Scene
  • Washington Square Park 


People and Lifestyle 

Greenwich Village is one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Manhattan, renowned for its charming architecture. A convergence of artists, writers, musicians, and scholars takes place here, fueled by the presence of New York University (NYU) and a constant influx of young minds. Vibrant gatherings in Washington Square Park, combined with cozy cafes and artistic hubs, encapsulate the Greenwich Village way of life—a celebration of individualism, ingenuity, and an enduring quest for genuine authenticity.


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Greenwich Village boasts endless dining, entertainment and shopping options. Just to name a few, The Public Theater reigns as a beacon of innovation in the world of theater. A cultural stronghold since its establishment in 1967, the theater has hosted legendary performances by renowned artists, including the annual Shakespeare in the Park Nestled within the neighborhood is the Strand Bookstore, an iconic haven for book enthusiasts. This legendary independent bookstore boasts an astonishing collection of over 18 miles of new, used, and rare books—more than 2.5 million volumes at any moment.

 In the heart of it all lies Washington Square Park, an expansive 10-acre, enriched by the imposing Washington Square Arch, a towering 77-foot monument erected in 1892 to commemorate the centennial of the first president’s inauguration. As day transitions to night, the spotlight shifts to Macdougle Street, home to the renowned Comedy Cellar. This establishment promises laughter and an authentic New York stand-up experience. Coupled with the myriad dining destinations, including the beloved Minetta Tavern, Greenwich Village offers a holistic tapestry of experiences that captivate both residents and visitors alike.


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